Raised Access Floors



Raised access floor systems are composed by panels with a particular covering supported on vertical pedestals, the height of which can be regulated, creating a space (plenum) which allows housing the different service systems.


All the raised flooring tiles are independent and easily removable to allow access to the facilities underneath.


Advantages Of Raised Access Floors

  • The ease access to the building installations from any place at the raised floor
  • Power, energy, communication and data base systems can be housed at the plenum
  • The building can be air-conditioned from the flooring, saving energy costs. This system houses the air conditioning equipment at the plenum and allows expelling cool-warm air from perforated panels to the room
  • Tiles allow changes in the distribution of the areas at the building according to the customer needs
  • The possibility of raising the system over a metre allows the levelling of the rooms at different heights
  • Highest heavy-load capacity systems that allow heavy equipment to rest on without the need of benches or any other supporting tool
  • Any distribution of working posts in open areas is allowed, thanks to the use of built-in connection boxes at the flooring without the need of a wall
  • No wires are seen in the room which increases the aesthetic quality
  • Wiring, air-conditioning equipment installation and the repairing service costs are reduced
  • The use of recycle materials and our suppliers commitment with the environment has made their products worthy of the certifications Green or Leed for the building
  • There are an infinite number of finishes that can be used in the raised access floors of such as granite, porcelain, PVC or wood. This facilitates the possibilities of adaptation to the decoration and colors of the areas in which these are applied
  • It is a floor characterized by its stability and durability, and if you want to make changes of tiles is always easier than in normal floor