Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT)


Get the natural look of wood and stone flooring with the added day to day advantages of luxury vinyl flooring (LVT). Stunning wood and stone effects are painstakingly recreated across our ranges with beautiful depth of colour. Certain products even include a registered emboss texture which allows you to see and feel grains, grooves and knots just like real wood.


The easy maintenance of luxury vinyl flooring (a simple weekly mop or brush keeps the floor looking as good as new) together with great sound and heat insulation properties ensures that luxury vinyl flooring is a great, cost effective alternative to the real stone or wood flooring.

Benefits of luxury vinyl flooring is:

·         Moisture-resistant 

·         Scratch and scuff resistant 

·         Slip resistant 

·         Easy to clean and maintain 

·         Great at sound and heat insulation 

·         Easy to install 

·         Dependable and durable – some products giving a lifetime warranty

·         Environmentally friendly – made with 50% recycled materials with major eco-credentials

·         Designed to reflect unique textures and patterns found in natural wood and stone flooring 


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